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About Me

Former IT engineer, I moved to the US to become a post sound engineer. After many years of working in film and TV, I decided to focus my work on 360 videos and finally interactive projects. I’m passionate about film and technology so what better medium than VR to explore both! 

I’m a post sound engineer, dialogue editor and award-winning composer. I’ve worked on films, short films, commercials, documentary, radio shows/podcasts and immersive projects. You can learn more about my work on my company’s website. 



Film is linear. It’s a medium where you know exactly where the user is and what they are looking at at any time Video games are non-linear. The user can choose their position, the storyline they would like to explore, the objects they want to interact with. You don’t know where they will be or what they will be interacting with at a specific time.


When working on 360 videos or VR projects, you can choose to work with static audio or spatial audio. With spatial audio, the experience is a lot more immersive as you’ll be able to localize each of the sources you are hearing.

What tools do you work with in POST?

We adapt to each projects’ needs. It can go from the traditional film tools such as Adobe suite/Pro Tools to Unity/Unreal for interactive projects using Wwise to integrate audio.

What's your favorite part of a project?

I love working on dialogue. There is something very satisfying and scientific about removing a sound in the background or building words and sentences from different takes and making it work. 

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